Horse Racing Information
    In Malaysia, horse racing was introduced within the British colonial era and still exists up to now as a gambling activity. Betting on horse racing is a legal form of gambling. In Malaysia and Singapore, racing is carried out and governed under the Rules of the Malaysian Racing Association and betting.

    Online betting horse racing
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    Here are some essential tips you can learn to make the best bet in online horse racing. By that way, you can be sure of winnings in the end.

    1.   Always do your “homework” prior to placing a bet. This means that you need to do some research first. You are expected to find out the answers to some questions like who are the top jockey and trainers at the tracks. You also need to determine the current condition and how everything is playing at the track
    2.   Making a plan beforehand: decide the races to play and the field you want to focus on and avoid.
    3.   Choose the types of wagers you want to make Keep these tips in minds when you playing online horse racing at UCW88. Join now and place a big bet!